Hey There.

I'm Kasey.

While designing a better world, problem solving strategies must pave the way for creative innovation. Get to know me, my work, and how I slay dragons.

I'm Kasey.

Creative Leader. Design thinking dragon slayer.

I design simple, clean, and impactful digital products with intuitive user experience. What does that mean exactly? Much like a musician making music, a designer passionately creates an experience. That experience is solving a problem through avid research, tactfully curated visual language and interactions, and thorough usability testing. My adaptive process allows me to design intuitive experiences by way of research, empathy and site mapping to sketches, wireframes, higher fidelity mockups, and interactive prototypes using html, css and other technologies...

What I Do

  • User-Centered Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Product Direction
  • Prototyping & Testing
  • Artboard 1 Animation & Interaction
  • Front-End Development
  • Branding & Discovery
  • Community Building
  • Slay Dragons (solve problems)

My Work.

A focus in elegant visual design with intuitive user experience.

Staying Busy.

All the things.

  • District Creatives
    Co-Founder / Organizer

    DC: District Creatives is a fellowship promotes and curates a diverse,collaborative community of like-minded professionals... Learn more

  • Face the Force
    Co-Founder / Visual Designer

    Born out of the love we have for the Star Wars Saga and design, FacetheForce helps Developers and Designers alike... Explore

  • Make America Dinner Again
    Dinner Host & Organizer

    Born out of the love we have for the Star Wars Saga and design, FacetheForce helps Developers and Designers alike... Host a dinner

  • NOLA Pokecrawl 2016
    Co-Founder / Organizer

    An accident became a successful and giant barcrawl based on PokemonGo. We raised over $2,000 for the LA-SPCA... Facebook Event

Building Community.

District Creatives is a fellowship of Designers, Developers, Artists, Architects, Photographers, Craftsmen and Creatives that promotes and curates a diverse and collaborative community of like-minded professionals and innovators. We emphasize and encourage strong member engagement, casual networking, creative social events, inclusivity, mentoring, peer collaboration and civic pride. We hope to build a long lasting and highly social fellowship that showcases the depth of The District's design community. Our group is open to all, without bias or pretension, even if your creativity is not professionally defined, so long as your interests align. Join us and stay-tuned for details on upcoming activities and creative opportunities to hangout and collaborate around the DC Metro and beyond.

Say Hello.

A lot can be said about the value of the collaboration of creatives, clients, and stakeholders.
Let's work together to bring design forward, create amazing products, and make a real difference.